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Plant balcony gardens For those lucky enough to have a small balcony space or a little courtyard, fill theses spaces up with edibles such as chives, rosemary beets and other salad greens. You can plant these in wall mounted planters. When your plants are growing well, gardening is a breeze! When plant care problems arise in the rose garden, the herb garden, or the pumpkin patch, gardening can get a little frustrating. Suddenly you find yourself in the role of Plant Doctor, without any formal education in the field of diagnosing and healing sick plants. What are people’s thoughts on artificial turf? My friends got this for their permanently shady, fairly small garden and they say it’s the best thing they’ve ever bought for their house and means that their little one can play outside all year round. Hi, sounds like sparrowhawk and not local cats to blame then! I was upset thinking the cat had got it for no other reason than to play with it as they certainly aren’t hungry(unless they are feral cats) as you say its nature and sparrowhawk has to eat. i find it hard with cats as its not for food, its just for fun, know that’s how cats are and don’t like them because of it! They wreak havoc on the natural wildlife and poo in your garden to boot! ūüôā Hello am66, ¬† ¬† Is there any way you can find a space in your back garden for the feeders, I assume that is fenced off for your greyhound as he would be a good deterrent to the cats. ¬†I’m sorry you found feathers and remains of a bird but it is possible a Sparrowhawk could have predated the bird and not a cat as I think cats tend to take their prey away/ home and in tact. ¬† ¬† There is an ultrasonic device that seems to get good reviews on Amazon website ¬†HERE¬†¬† and I know a fellow member on here (¬† Monkeycheese ) has just purchased two of them so maybe when he has had chance to test them out he can advise you how well they work.¬†¬†¬† Good luck, hope the cats get the message to stay out of your garden so you can continue to enjoy the visiting birds.¬†¬†¬† My sympathies! I had similiar problems in 2008. At that time there was little information about persistent herbicides. After 30 years of careful organic gardening, I almost gave up gardening. Fortunately, my whole garden wasn‚Äôt involved! I no longer use manure. For the last 3 years I have used barley straw from a nearby farmer who doesn‚Äôt use persistent herbicides. Yes, barley comes up but it is easy to pull. The key to your small-space urban gardening success has a lot to do with the types of pots or planters you select. Photo:¬†Vegepod We‚Äôve never tried the deep mulch method of gardening, but we do use cover crops like winter rye and medium red clover to build up the organic matter in our soil. This year we planted the clover in between rows and hills in the garden with great results. I never would have thought of herbicides or pesticides on hay. How disappointing if that‚Äôs what it turns out to be‚Ķ Our pest and problem pages contain information on over 200 of the most frequently encountered garden plant problems by the Plant Doctors at the William T. Kemper Center for Home Gardening. Lettuce and hostas are popular food for¬†slugs, which can nibble¬†garden plants¬†to pieces. We luckily have a source that swears they assay each load of compost before they use in the 3- and 4-way garden soil mixes. We used them again this year when we remade the front yards raised beds. Everything we planted flourished. but the metals get into our water supply so now we need filters to water the garden‚Ķ not sure how to do that yet. Sign up to receive our eco newsletter full of great organic gardening tips plus product updates and offers. If you can begin to see the trillions of microbial creatures in your garden as your hidden workforce, then you are on the path to happy gardening. When we recognise that we are dealing with a workforce, then we understand that if we mistreat our workers, there will be increasing problems. Conversely, if we can look after them, they will look after us. Nutrition Gardening¬ģ is essentially a workplace health and safety issue. Health is about providing food and ideal living conditions for your workforce, while safety is about protecting them from toxins and poor soil management decisions. Finally, an answer to what happened to me this year. I had a beautiful bed of over 6‚Ä≤ tomato plants in my 6√ó6 garden I had carefully filled with rich earth composted in with commercial manure sold locally only to have them start with the curling leaves and withered plants. No insect damage, no sign of over watering or blight, just green withered leaves. Never happened before, blamed it on plants being diseased from purchase but had several different varieties. Now after reading all this info I have a different perspective. Not sure I‚Äôll try again next year but if I do, I‚Äôll certainly research back to this blog. Thank you for posting. This year we will be launching a unique online garden design tutorial package at a fraction of the cost of any design fee. ¬†We have created videos showing you how to survey your garden and how to use the simple basic¬†principles¬†of garden design. Together, we will design your very own outdoor living space which will lead you … up your own garden path! Will chickens destroy my garden? 6. Determine the maxima and minima as necessary. Remember to check the endpoints if there are any. Recall that we found above that $y = \dfrac{400}{x}$. Hence when the width $x = \sqrt{300}$, the garden‚Äôs length y must be: \[ \begin{align*} y &= \frac{400}{x} \\[8px] &= \frac{400}{\sqrt{300}} \\[8px] &= \frac{400}{\sqrt{100}\sqrt{3}}\\[8px] &= \frac{400}{10\sqrt{3}} = \frac{40}{\sqrt{3}} \end{align*} \] Hence Sam‚Äôs cost is minimized when the garden has What‚Äôs the secret behind creating a successful small garden design? Planning, of course! Working to a detailed layout drawing, that‚Äôs to scale and taken into account the practicalities of the space will save you time and money in the long run. This article looks at practical aspects of designing a small garden but do take a look at our gallery packed with small garden ideas if you‚Äôre looking for something more inspirational. Image source: When Apple first enabled third party applications on the iPhone1, they were accused by many of violating user freedoms by creating a walled garden, that being the requirement that all applications installed on the platform must be installed via their iOS App store2. Apple promoted this as allowing application vetting for performance and security: particularly on earlier iPhone models with limited resources, this ‚Äėcuration‚Äô process of vetting the reliability and safety of applications may very well have had a positive impact on the growth of the platform. Because scientific facts tell us it‚Äôs not a problem. I‚Äôm sorry but whatever you read is false ‚ÄĒ this isn‚Äôt a mechanism to allow glyphosate to bioaccumulate like that. Its soil half life is less than 100 days. It has never been found to accumulate in plants. It‚Äôs not possible for lettuce to carry the residue because it would in fact damage and/or kill the plant ‚Äď lettuce isn‚Äôt resistant. There are zero reasons to be concerned with RR alfalfa hay in your garden. Mulch is one of the unsung heroes¬†of landscape design. It’s highly portable, malleable and, for certain types of mulch, you can even make your own! Areas shaded by large trees can be transformed overnight from eyesores to eye-openers by applying an¬†attractive mulch. For all its value, there is much misunderstanding about the use of this landscaping solution, and I receive numerous questions about¬†garden mulch¬†from readers. There are as many types of¬†landscaping mulch¬†as there are¬†landscape challenges. Mulch is sometimes used in conjunction with¬†landscape fabrics. Masculin Active testogen BeMass machoman sterydy BeMass el macho Celuraid Muscle erogan Eron Plus