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What is the problem with your garden? Hi, sounds like sparrowhawk and not local cats to blame then! I was upset thinking the cat had got it for no other reason than to play with it as they certainly aren’t hungry(unless they are feral cats) as you say its nature and sparrowhawk has to eat. i find it hard with cats as its not for food, its just for fun, know that’s how cats are and don’t like them because of it! They wreak havoc on the natural wildlife and poo in your garden to boot! ūüôā But what if you want to live a healthier lifestyle and grow your own food? What if you’re time poor or you don’t have the space to maintain a large garden to grow your own food? I am turning 70 in a few months and Hubs is 74. So it may be that we are more susceptible than you younger gardeners. But it turns out oak leaves harbor mites, and we have been bitten by them. I had a terrible time with what I thought was chiggers in the garden, worse than I could remember since we started gardening here in 2011. And now I have a rash on my leg I cannot get to go away. I‚Äôve been researching and I think that one of two things have happened: 1) I am being bitten by oak mites and not chiggers, and they are triggering an allergy of some kind; and/or 2) I have gotten fungus on my hands from the wood chip pile, and then scratched my chigger (or mite, whichever) bites, thus allowing the fungus to get into my skin. Hubs has had a rash on one of his legs for about six months. We‚Äôve shown our rashes to doctors and they say, ‚Äúcontact dermatitis‚ÄĚ. Though the ointments they prescribe do not help. Hubs had an additional problem in that he was shoveling wood chips from the pile and got in a cloud of ‚Äúdust‚ÄĚ which must‚Äôve been fungal in nature. All night that night, he hacked and coughed. Fortunately, those symptoms were gone by morning, and he has since had a chest xray as the normal part of a checkup and everything was ok. But it was kind of scary. We‚Äôll be going back to the doctor and telling them what we think might be causing our rashes now, since doctors these days won‚Äôt waste their time doing any detective work and it‚Äôs just all too easy to lump every skin problem into ‚Äúcontact dermatitis‚ÄĚ and send the patient away. The only problem is, we have to wait almost a month to get in to see the doctor. Sheesh. So much can happen in a month. So I‚Äôm trying to think about what I might try in the meantime. Maybe tea tree oil, neat? Kendra Wilson has access to some of the most remarkable gardens in England, while dissecting them for the online publication Gardenista. With experience as a writer, picture editor, and designer for Vogue, Cond√© Nast Traveler, and Observer Food Monthly, she brings her unique perspective to the way gardens look and why they work. 400px wide Vegepod is a garden bed with a greenhouse effect to protect from pests. Photo:¬†Vegepod My garden is a passageway My garden is too small Question 3 is something that I‚Äôm starting to see as the bridge between ‚ÄúLength 12‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúLength x‚ÄĚ from the original problem statement. ¬†If you can do it with 1000, then you can do it with x. ¬†Question 6 was also nice because some students used their formula to show that the garden length would not be a whole number if it used 2011 tiles, while other students made the reasonable observation that every garden tile number is even. Check for grubs curled in soil at base of plants. Keep garden clean of debris and plant residue. Keep garden weed-free. Use cardboard collars around seedlings. Jill, I‚Äôve used the deep mulch method now for two seasons. A local tree company brings truckloads of wood chips to me free of charge whenever I need them. They are happy to have a place to dump the clippings so it‚Äôs a win-win. Of course there is no knowing what‚Äôs been sprayed on the trees (hopefully not any since it‚Äôs mainly trimmings from roadside power lines) but at least I know it‚Äôs not broad leaf herbicide that‚Äôs being consumed by grazing animals. The diversity of organic matter is also very beneficial to the soil and over time supports perennial vegetables, fruit and nut trees. It‚Äôs true there is a huge benefit to deep mulch gardening with the decrease in watering and weeding. There are other issues that I‚Äôm figuring out as I go along but so far so good and I plan to continue with this method. Mushroom soil is not good for a garden. I put a load of about 5 tons in mine 15 years ago. Worst garden crops ever and tons of weed. Found out that mushroom soil is composted horse manure ‚Äď loads of weed seeds! Two very good things happened in 2012. Soon after the launch of Gardenista (No. 1), UK-based¬†Kendra Wilson became our first contributing writer. She immediately took¬†our readers‚ÄĒand me‚ÄĒby the hand and began to gently reassure¬†us there is nothing scary or complicated about gardening. So you won‚Äôt see images of beautiful (& hugely expensive) manicured gardens because most of us won‚Äôt have a garden that looks like that. You will however find lots of sensible, practical and¬†useful advice on how to get things right yourself. I’ve visited Patrick’s community garden; it’s a nice little urban oasis. But that urban setting makes being realistic about potential vermin problems crucial. Its very easy to breed the nasty, dangerous things, and much harder to get the population to go in the other direction. So here are some ideas. Because scientific facts tell us it‚Äôs not a problem. I‚Äôm sorry but whatever you read is false ‚ÄĒ this isn‚Äôt a mechanism to allow glyphosate to bioaccumulate like that. Its soil half life is less than 100 days. It has never been found to accumulate in plants. It‚Äôs not possible for lettuce to carry the residue because it would in fact damage and/or kill the plant ‚Äď lettuce isn‚Äôt resistant. There are zero reasons to be concerned with RR alfalfa hay in your garden. Will it take much looking after? Once planted, this garden will look after itself ‚ÄĒ aside from the odd pruning of climbers, such as clematis, and the addition of some bright summer blooms, like lilies or poppies. While spotting a rat in the garden can be an unpleasant experience and they can damage fruit, vegetables, bulbs, plants, shed doors and wires, they should also be considered a serious health risk.¬† My garden is windy My garden has no soil, just pots I am container gardening on my deck and my tomato plants are turning yellow. While I was away from my house for a year, no one tended to my garden. I came back and the weeds were 10′ tall! They had also taken root in the brick walkways and caused a lot of upheal of blocks. Now, no matter how many weeds I pull, more keep coming back. And the roots of some are so huge and can’t even be dug pu without disturbing so many bricks and the raised garden beds. What can I do, short of ripping everything out sand starting all over? The next phase of the lesson encouraged exploring different size gardens – first 6 plants … then 10 … then 20. Lots of work with materials and lots of recording. Some children gave up modelling and began drawing, especially when the number of plants got bigger. machoman Testogen Celuraid Muscle Masculin Active xtrasize Maxman TestX Core xtrasize Maxman machoman