Prepared for the future tests you will have to face? And for writing the essay contest? We have often talked about the importance of being a good reader so that you can write a good text. But today, in particular, we will reinforce something essential to good writing, which is to know very well the type of language that one should use.

Firstly, it is worth remembering that it is fundamental to carefully read the edict of the contest that you will provide. If you do not already have a contest in view, it is worth reading the edicts of the previous competitions, and of course reading previous tests that have the style of the selective processes that you intend to provide. This is because it is very important to know what type of text is charged, what criteria are evaluated, and what space is intended for the text that you should be doing, concurrent. This information will guide your writing and will allow you to write a more precise text and according to what you expect from the contestants.

In order for its performance to be satisfactory, it is necessary to know very well the language required for each genre addressed. For example, if you are going to face a proof requiring argumentative-essay text, you need to be able to argue very well in defense of a point of view.

About this type of text (the argumentative), it is quite common for students to try to convince the reader only, which can bring some complications to writing, such as the use of very subjective vocabulary or even interlocution, because one thinks exclusively of who read the essay and not the content worked. In this case, concurrently, the most important thing is really to defend an idea, detailing the argument very well, being clear in the defense of the point of view, showing the reasons of that line of reasoning and thus avoiding superficial argument and common sense. Only in this way can you add value to the text and, as a consequence, you can convince the reader that the point of view defended is strong and well-founded.

For this, read a lot! If you need to write an argumentative dissertation, start reading texts of this nature in order to observe which language is used. You can read opinion articles and editorials from newspapers and magazines, for example, analyzing what mechanisms columnists use to present and defend an idea. Just remember that in newspapers the use of the first person is common, as they are articles of opinion signed by a journalist. In the case of a competition test, you will need to be impersonal, writing in third person. The authorship of the text will be evaluated according to the creativity with which you relate the information you choose, okay?